CRC 5-56

Ref. Number: CRC 5-56
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RC 5-56® is a versatile, plastic safe lubricant, penetrant and corrosion inhibitor that helps prevent electrical malfunctions caused by water penetration, humidity condensations or corrosion. Restores resistance values and helps stop current leakage. Regular use of 5-56® will help prevent electrical failures, increase performance and prolong equipment life by dissolving and rinsing away contaminants. Recommended for use on circuit breakers, transformers, switchgear, motors, generators, controls, instruments, communications assemblies, alarm systems, starters, castings, gears, weld rod, wire, fixtures, dies, jigs, shim shock, chucks, drill rod, heat treated parts, machined surfaces, finished welds, aluminum extrusions, air actuated tools, conveyors, frozen joints, locks, hoists, etc. Excellent for use around modern plastics and insulators. Recommended for restoring electrical properties to water or flood damaged equipment.